Saturday, October 20, 2012

The idea of ​​an exclusive digital distribution for Sony PS4 until dismissed

As the resource The Wall Street Journal, Sony is considering options to avoid the use of physical media for games in the next generation of its gaming system PlayStation 4, but ultimately rejected the option to stay on the good old optical drive Blu-ray, and are used in today's gaming systems Japanese company.
The company already offers a wide range of games through their service PlayStation Network, available on systems PS3, PSP and PS Vita. Let a lot of players and enjoy multilayer online projects, a lot of people prefer to download games, but still most of the high-end projects are still available on physical media.

The gaming industry has long been a way for the increasing development of digital distribution. The most striking example of the PC can serve as a platform Steam from Valve. The company offers a lot of games from the publisher, and a series of its own projects such as Left 4 Dead, Half-Life and Portal.

It is reported that Sony has decided to abandon the concept of lack of support for physical media, because as an Internet connection is not developed uniformly over the world. As a result, many users will have to face a long and grueling series of downloading games, occupying tens of gigabytes. Announce PS4, as well as the Xbox 720, is not expected this year.

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