Saturday, October 20, 2012

The idea of ​​an exclusive digital distribution for Sony PS4 until dismissed

As the resource The Wall Street Journal, Sony is considering options to avoid the use of physical media for games in the next generation of its gaming system PlayStation 4, but ultimately rejected the option to stay on the good old optical drive Blu-ray, and are used in today's gaming systems Japanese company.
The company already offers a wide range of games through their service PlayStation Network, available on systems PS3, PSP and PS Vita. Let a lot of players and enjoy multilayer online projects, a lot of people prefer to download games, but still most of the high-end projects are still available on physical media.

The gaming industry has long been a way for the increasing development of digital distribution. The most striking example of the PC can serve as a platform Steam from Valve. The company offers a lot of games from the publisher, and a series of its own projects such as Left 4 Dead, Half-Life and Portal.

It is reported that Sony has decided to abandon the concept of lack of support for physical media, because as an Internet connection is not developed uniformly over the world. As a result, many users will have to face a long and grueling series of downloading games, occupying tens of gigabytes. Announce PS4, as well as the Xbox 720, is not expected this year.

PlayStation 4 No More Wait ? | New Technology

PlayStation 4 No More Wait ? | New Technology

Sony PlayStation 4 features and specs

Friday, October 19, 2012

LG Optimus One Android 4.2 Nexus G launched next month

has updated Android declination 4.2, which may appear on the LG Optimus G version of Nexus, introduce a number of improvements in the management of energy and store Google Play.

LG Optimus One Android 4.2 Nexus G launched next month

Google is expected to unveil a new Android update next month. According to the site Android and Me, this Android 4.2 will be introduced with a new smartphone LG Optimus G "Nexus". It would be a priori the same version as the Optimus G must happen in Europe in October: 4.7-inch HD display, Snapdragon S4 Pro processor 1.5 GHz and 13 megapixel camera sensor.

Android 4.2 would be updated with minor to major new improved energy management and adjustments to Play Google online store. The strategy for the Nexus devices has evolved. Google does look more exclusive with only manufacturer but has established technical prerequisites which manufacturers must comply to display the name Nexus.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

40 best Gadets in io6

With the sixth update of its mobile operating system, Apple has not sought to fundamentally revolutionize the practice, as he had been able to do with the appearance of the store, for example. We feel that Passbook has great potential and could be more than just a door-boarding passes, tickets, tickets and electronic coupons, but it is still too early to judge. The other big project io6, which is also still not finished, this is the Maps application and the new mapping system, which replaces, with more or less success, Google Maps.
Two big news then, but beyond an innovation too shy, we would have liked Apple focuses on the applications that came with iOS. Used regularly, they are often a little frustrating or sometimes lack satisfy us for a stupid detail.
So we walked the applications installed by default on io6 and listed a few points we would like to see improved in the iOS version 7 or why not update 6.1 ...
Tell us what you think and send us your ideas for improvements in this comment section. We will integrate the most relevant ...
iOS: the heart of the operating system
The mobile OS Apple has a big room for improvement functional. No need to say Android or have jailbroken iPhone. We list a few points, but we are focused primarily on applications built into iOS.

- This will probably counter to the vision of Apple, who wants to avoid overflows to control the quality of the user experience and simplicity, but the appearance of a file manager is not delusional to time when smartphones and tablets become everyday tools which handle many documents.

- Same thing for the user account creation on iOS. A novelty that would be welcome especially on the iPad.

- The ability to remove the basic applications for iOS, mainly for those who are not strategic: Weather, Stocks, etc.. and cluttering the pages of the iPhone. With a special mention for Kiosk application.
Notification center
The arrival of the center of notifications was a good news for all those eyeing the side of Android or iPhone jailbroken without wanting to leap. Without turning it into choppy mess, one can easily imagine that it would be possible to develop and use more effectively the display area.

- First of all, Apple could add shortcuts (we do not call them voluntarily widgets) to access some settings. Eg turn on / off Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, location, etc..

- There may even be a kind of pop-up box that would display, like Facebook and Twitter buttons, depending on the applications open when displaying the center of notifications. One way to quickly access specific settings or options to an app.
The new version of the e-mail client for iOS already includes some new welcome flags and VIP function.

- But we would also like to see happen, as with Sparrow, the ability to manage Gmail labels.

- To centralize and process more easily attachments could also imagine a dedicated directory, which will be accessible via the file manager built into iOS.

- Many of us are an incredible number of e-mails every day. Hence, to avoid saturation, need to do a little cleaning and classify e-mails in local directories on the hard drive of the host computer. We can imagine some directories to synchronize local e-mail with iCloud / Dropbox / SkyDrive / etc. so they are always accessible from Mail.
Apple passed Google Maps overboard, which, of course, led to some loss of data or services displayed: StreetView farewell ...
However, the function of navigation with voice guidance is a significant step forward. Yet it would be welcome:

- Display views "real" or 3D exits and junctions to make changes in itinerary.

- Allow, on the basis of enrichment cooperative, add points of interest or "danger zones."

- Provide also a navigation node, which would indicate optimally like going from point A to point B starting car, then on foot, by bus or subway, etc..

- To improve the accuracy and relevance of traffic information.

- All this without mentioning obviously improve the mapping of existing and adding new cities in 3D.
The browser on Apple iOS has also experienced small improvements. But since the arrival of Chrome, competition seems more solid.

- Reinforcing the impression that we should be able to choose the default browser on Apple's mobile OS.

- Use Chrome, precisely, we realize that it is absurd that the configuration tools are not accessible Safari Safari but since having to go through Settings. Why not use the notification center "contextualised"?

- Merge finally address bar and the search bar, as is also the case in Safari on Mac OS X.

- Remove or increase the limit of eight tabs open simultaneously.

- Rethinking displaying open pages to navigate faster: a mosaic? As a hand of playing cards? As a pop-up list (or folder, such as that used for applications) when holding your finger on the Safari icon?
Whether it note idea, write a reminder, a list of books, disks or consult buy Notes is a handy tool. However, it has hardly evolved since its birth. Without making a real word processor, we would like this:

- To emphasize part of the text, italicize or bold, etc..

- Share a note as editable document in order to establish a list to multiple users. We imagine and build a shopping list for Christmas several people, for example.

- It would be also be open to the Notes sync with Dropbox and SkyDrive or other Google Drive.

- Finally, like any good tool for taking notes, you should be able to integrate images and sounds may, also without making an equivalent of Evernote.
Camera and photo sharing
The iPhone 5 8 Megapixel sensor maintains but improves in low light, and iOS brings the Panorama function, also available on the iPhone 4S, not the iPhone 4 and 3GS. Nevertheless, further improvements to some from the Android world could be added.
- The Panorama function is welcome, although limited to 240 °, but have also enjoyed a burst mode. Like the Galaxy SIII, to name one.

- Because Facebook is now integrated into iOS, the fact tag people in a photo could have any meaning. Yet they can tag their friends for photos shared with the system proposed by Apple.

- Precisely, the Shared Photo Stream could be more open. Not only users of other mobile devices, but also Mac and PC. Sharing via a web site is relatively small.
Function Dictaphone to record their thoughts on the fly but when the sound quality is not perfect, record maintenance. It would be much easier if we could and relevant:

- Name or rename files so you can easily identify them. When you start to have multiple records, it is an ordeal of having to go one by one to find the right interview.

- Synchronize directly with its iCloud or Dropbox account, etc.. In order not to have to go through the tedious manipulations export.

- To send by e-mail, there should be a automatic recording cut in order to send the entire file into several parts and many mails. Side Mac or PC, iTunes could easily manage the end to end delivery of the file.

- Small detail, but the needle does not often oscillates when recording because the sound source is too far. This may worry unnecessarily good place of registration. So, it should be able to propose a visualization more "sensitive".
This is where we find the videos purchased from the iTunes Store and you can read them. The interface is very bare, almost as functions. We would like as videos can:

- Play DiVX files or MKV with subtitles their potential.

That would solve much use other readers available on the store, but that they provide a great service, are not as well optimized for our save battery terminals.
If Recall is not unanimous for those who already use Outlook alerting for example, the ability to geotag a warning is a good idea.

- Damage, however, we can not define the address that triggers the address manually positioning it on a map.

- It would be even more interesting than it could possibly on the basis of opt-in and moderation, used to add custom points of interest (POI) on the new map that Apple really needs.
Game Center
Game Center is beginning to have more appeal than Open Feint, even if it is not able to bridge the gap between Android and iOS world. However, it has made great progress recently, one would like to see happen to other functions.

- One of the pleasures of having fellow players is to communicate with them, not just the challenge. It would therefore have Game Center offers a system like Facebook wall to post messages, screenshots, etc.. and also a messaging system: either instant or on a principle SMS / iMessage.

- Some car games will challenge a player and run against him in delay. For example, your friend is running a race on Monday, you run the same race on Tuesday. It might be nice to be able to see / share the videos of these races / fights / phases of the game before and after the challenge.

- In a similar vein, see a schedule of parties and progress would be nice.

- A systematic backup in the cloud of his progressions for all games would be nice. In order not to lose everything in case of sudden relocation (without saving) or change your iOS device. We then resume the game where you left it.

- This is not strictly related to Game Center, but it would be good that Apple allows and encourages the use of Bluetooth controllers to play on iOS, without the need to pass it to a keyboard and shorts and the keyboard.
Now we can FaceTime calls from a network operator, 3G. Progress. However, what should be simple is sometimes a real gas plant. Should be:

- Can easily call one of its own iOS devices managed by the same iTunes account. It should for example be able to identify different devices to call the iPhone connected to this account from the iPad connected to the same account ...

- Be able to leave a video message (audio only?) Few tens of seconds when you called someone by FaceTime and he has not responded.
With the new iPhone, the calendar takes advantage of space saving display. However, the application evolves little.

- Locate the manner of my friends, who temporarily share your location for events, we would like to share a portion of its schedule with other users, to schedule an event, make sure that someone will look good children, etc..